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Accesories and printing

Folders and planners

Making a cliché for printing (only once): 30 €

Printing the logo on on the box per piece: 0,45 €

Printed inscriptions and inscriptions with sel-adhesive foil / per piece: 1.50 €

We don't charge extra for universal prints like I love you, happy birthday...

Satin ribbons with rings: 0,70 €/kom

Ring setting without satin ribbon: 0,40 €/kom

Setting of chains or pearls: 2,50 €/kom

Dedication envelopes cream or black, with gold or silver frame and internal dedication card: 0,60 €

Plush envelopes: Dimensions 8x11cm; Price per piece: 0,80 €

Paper cards - tiles with your logo 9x5 cm - price €0.4/pc


Plush cards - paper tiles with your logo 10x6 cm - price €0.6/pc

Setting a double bottom: 0,70 €

Possibility of setting a flower sponge according to the size of the box wrapped in black stretch foil

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